Welcome To My Creative World

Hello, and welcome to my Scribe Of Chimera world of Writing and Fantasy Gaming!


Why Scribe Of Chimera You ask? Well, I am a writer of Fantasy and Supernatural, and working on a book series called Chimera Memoirs. Chimera is a Supernatural or Mythical creature.

I decided to take the two things I love the most and put them together on one site. My love of writing, and my love of gaming. This site will showcase both my writing and my gaming life. Because they are both Fantasy, I can seamlessly intermingle them on here without causing to much confusion.

My family and I-5 girls and my wife-love to play board-games, video games and PC games, and I over course love to play Magic The Gathering. I am teaching my daughters how to play MTG so they can someday be good enough to compete.


You can watch us sometimes on my twitch channel, Twitch Channel, which you will also find an internal page link at the top so you can watch my channel without even leaving the site.


I hope to bring a lot of great content, game reviews, stories, game-play and much more. I will be continually adding more features and content in the future, so please stop back on a regular basis.


Thank you for being a part of my world and having fun with me and my family.