Chapter 1 Rough Draft

Hello, my name is Madeline Twine, and I am the writer and editor of the Chimera Supernal Rag, a small, weekly, news print of the comings and goings, and mysterious events in the small island town of Chimera Cove.

The life of an amateur, sleuth reporter like me can be very dangerous. Sometimes I discover information that certain residents of Chimera Cove would rather be kept, quiet. For the most part the Rag-I like to call it that because Chimera Supernal Rag just doesn’t flow off the tongue-informs people of the weird and strange supernatural events that takes place in Chimera Cove. Just to spice it up a bit, I also write about what is happening with the locals; who is dating who, who is fighting about what, who is new in town, and you get the picture.

Recently, I have stumbled upon some very mysterious happenings and events in Chimera Cove, and I think someone in the town is trying to stop me from writing the truth about what I find, and I fear that the closer I get to that truth, the more danger I will be in.

Fortunately, I have four, very good friends – Tommy Whitaker, Kim Delain, Brad Jarvis, and Jessika Knight – who are just as curious as I am to find out the truth about what is really happening to the people in Chimera Cove. They help me with the research, investigation and my favorite; The over-night stakeouts. Together we are determined to find out the truth about this town, and why all of the strange occurrences are happening.

I have lived in Chimera Cove all my life-which is only sixteen years-but it has always been a quiet town. The most exciting thing to happen was when the town library caught fire, and the only firetruck in town was used for the first time in fifteen years.

The quietness all changed when the Blackburn family moved in to the abandoned mansion up on Raven Mountain. The four Blackburn’s is what they are known as around town. Isaac Blackburn is the father, with his wife Sarah Blackburn and their two children, Megan and Luke Blackburn. The rumor is, they moved here from Ireland after inheriting the mansion from their great grandfather, Victor Blackburn.

It is when they arrived, that I started to see strange and mysterious things happening to my quiet little town….

The heart is an intriguing and powerful internal organ that not only keeps the body alive, but also dictates how we live our lives in the external world around us. Though we have no control over the way the heart endlessly and aggressively pumps blood to every square inch of our bodies; we are given the power to decide what external forces have control of where our heart takes us in life, as it pushes us, in the same way the blood flows through our body, endlessly and aggressively through life.

I know all of that sounds like it came out of a psychology magazine that you would find sitting on the magazine shelf at the doctor’s office, or at the least, a poorly written motivational speech. None the less, it is how I am starting the next issue of the Rag. Yes, I have very good reasons for trying the speak the deep, and confusing language of the psychology community. People in Chimera Cove seem to be losing the power they have over their own hearts, and are becoming-or I think I can use the word, transforming-into someone, or something other than themselves.

The iPhone on the desk started to vibrate scaring my cat Itsy-like the itsy bitsy spider-causing her to bee-line across the living room and underneath the couch. When I saw that it was Kim Delain calling, I answered immediately.

“Hello, Kim. What’s going on?”

“Madie! I need you to come over now!”

“What? Why? Are you alright?” I said as my heart started to leap from my chest.

“No! I am freaking out! Something weird is happening with my dad! I am scared!”

Something you should know about Kim Delain; She does not get scared. Kim is fearless, which is why we are such great friends. I need someone fearless to help me obtain the jaw-dropping information I need to write the Rag. When she said she was “scared” I knew, whatever it was, it had to be really bad.

“OK! OK! Breath Kim. I will be right over. Do you want me to call the others?” By others I mean: Tommy, Brad and Jessika, the other half of the Supernal Squad, which we call ourselves because of all the supernatural creepiness we investigate in Chimera Cove.

“Yes! Please! I think they all need to see this. The more brains the better.”

After hanging up with Kim, I group texted the others with the message: “Code Creepy at Kim’s house!” Everyone knew that “Code Creepy” meant something strange and supernatural is going down, and they need to get there ASAP.

Just to ensure Kim that help was on the way, I sent her a text message; “Squad on route!”

I grabbed my bag of GoPro cameras and my Ernest Hemingway notebook-you know the kind you can buy at Barnes & Nobles, hard leather cover, with a stretchy band to keep the book closed-and jetted to the garage, secured my bag full of GoPro’s to the cargo rack in the back of my electric blue Honda scooter, and took off down the road. Kim’s house was only five blocks away, but I knew I could get there faster on my fifty-five miles per hour Spooker. Yes, I call it a Spooker; short for Spooky Scooter. I am a nerd that way.

As rolled down the street, my imagination got the best of me, and I couldn’t help but think about what was going on with Kim’s dad. An image of him in his favorite R2-D2 boxer shorts, out in the front lawn, fire blazing from his coveted fire pit as he danced around like he was trying to make it rain, popped into my head. It was so disturbing, I screamed out;

“Ewww! No!”

I had to steady my scooter because I almost lost control, after running over a dead raccoon in the middle of the road. I think some of his insides splashed up onto my jeans, and I almost threw up in my mouth.